At PGFuneral, we know how to make your Taoist funeral ceremony serene and simplified. We cover all your needs, including the candles and incense burner, among all the other elements needed for your preferred ceremony.

We are experienced in making logistical arrangements to conduct a ceremony that will protect the body of the deceased and allow the family to give their final blessings to the departed.

From day one up to the last, we will provide for all the things you will need, including the paper products for the departed, gift items for the guests, and even the Taoist priest and mourners. You can also expect us to make sure that the chanting will be provided for by PGFuneral Services.

Our funeral consultant will be facilitating the whole process and should you require any assistance, he will be at the wake daily to answer your concern.

Here are the details about the package inclusions. You can also customize them according to your preferences.

Body Transportation and Preparation

  • Our team of professionals will travel wherever the remains of your loved one is and transport it to our embalming facility
  • We have an exclusive and advanced embalming facility where the body of your loved one will be prepared
  • Our experienced and professional team of cosmetologists provide high quality funeral hair care and makeup services
  • Included in our package is the proper burial clothing of your loved one. You can select from those available in our facility or you can provide the clothing should you prefer that option
  • Transportation of the remains in casket to the place of ceremony



  • We give our full decent casket type they would love to get for their departed loved one.
  • You can also ask for customization of the casket cover for viewing purposes.


Ceremony Details and Arrangements

  • Right after the preparation of the body and its subsequent transfer to the casket, we will take care of the necessary transportation arrangements to the venue or crematory facility.
  • We also have large vehicles available for the transportation needs of family members
  • We also set up carpets, tents, and flooring for the casket area
  • We print out one enlarged photos of the departed, one in a high-quality frame with floral wreath
  • We even put up additional decorations fitting for a Taoist funeral ceremony


Taoist Paper Figures, Chanting, and Ceremonial Items

  • We can provide a Taoist priest for the ceremony if you do not have your own preference.
  • We have a pool of trusted Taoist priests who will lead the chanting, burning ceremony, and other rituals
  • Paper houses, cars, garments, and servants (optional)
  • Treasure and Clothing chests (optional)
  • Lanterns for the Funeral (optional)
  • Taoist decorations and venue styling


Table Arrangements

  • We provide as many as 30 tables, a variety of round and square, with 8 chairs each
  • We also provide additional for a corresponding fee


Lighting and Ventilation

  • Industrial fans sufficient for the room and guests will be provided
  • Lighting for the whole area of the wake will be provided for
  • All electrical extensions and wiring needed will be provided

Funeral Flowers and Others

  • We give the family of the departed options for the funeral flower arrangements in the venue
  • We provide bouquets for the altar
  • We also provide registry book for Donation Recording


After-Ceremony Inclusions

  • We also provide simple gift packs (options to be presented to the family) for the guests
  • Ash collection  and cleansing rituals
  • Mourning, prayer, and feast services days and years after the ceremony



  • $7380 for three days of wake with additional $180 for every day of extension
  • Note: Package inclusions are available in any selected venue for the wake and ceremony
  • All packages are highly customizable
  • Deductions can be discussed further
  • Food and drinks will be allowed

With these Taoist Funeral Package inclusions, all that is left for you to do is to be present in the ceremony. If you want to avail of our services or if you have any questions, just send us a message or call us at +65 82053784.