Soka Funeral Service

Soka funeral is often seen as the elaborated form of the traditional Japanese Buddhist funeral ceremony.

To the Soka Gakkai members, the main purpose of the Soka funeral ceremony is to:

  • Share the grief and loss
  • Offer the sympathy and condolences to the family of deceased
  • Help the deceased member attain the enlightenment

As compared to the other forms of Buddhist Funerals, the settings of the Soka Funeral are very much simple, minimalistic, and serene. These are all included in our Soka Funeral Package.

Soka Funeral Services

Setting of the Soka Funeral

Soka Funeral services are conducted by a Gakkai leader who leads the recital of the chanting and Sutra.

In the funeral ceremony and on the memorial tablets, the deceased member’s name is used as Soka Gakkai members do not prefer to bestow kaimyo posthumous Buddhist names.

The feel of the ceremony is quite simple, and Soka members believe that attaining the enlightenment of the deceased member is the result of their cultivation and faith.

Role Of A Funeral Director At A Soka Funeral

Before 1991, the Soka Gakkai was just considered as a Buddhist movement within the Nichiren Shoshu branch of Buddhism. Moreover, every Soka teaching was focused on guiding the practitioners towards maximizing their full potential in being a pertinent member of the society and living a worthy life.

While the Singapore Soka Association offers the advice to members on all the funeral matters, having an experienced Funeral Director will handle the funeral as per the guide and will also offer the helpful advice to the deceased family.