It’s truly heartbreaking to lose our beloved pets.

Pet lovers understand how dear our dogs and cats are to us that our lives don’t seem to be complete without them. They bring joy and laughter to the family. They make us feel loved in their own special ways.

But as much as we love our pooches and cats, we have to be prepared when it’s time for them to finally rest. As pet parents ourselves, we understand that you want to show your love for them until the end.

To assist you in giving a dignified sendoff to your beloved pets, PGFuneral offers Pet Cremation Services for your dogs and cats. The benefits of cremating your furry family members are the following:

  • you’re sure that their remains are kept in a beautiful place
  • and you can visit them anytime.

We are here to arrange all the details for the cremation of your furry friends.

How We Provide a Dignified Sendoff to your Pets

24-hour hotline

We know that death may come as a surprise. That’s why our hotlines are open for 24 hours to give you assistance anytime.

Pet Pickup Services

We also provide pickup services should you need assistance in transporting your pet to out facility. You can trust us to handle your furry friend with care.

Crematories for Pets

We have dedicated crematory facilities for pets where they will be handled with care and respect. We also allow clients to choose whether to watch the cremation process or wait for us to deliver the cremains to you.

Memorial services

We also offer ceremonies to commemorate your beloved pets. We have a program for a pet memorial service and we listen to your requests for customization.

Proper Handling and Identification

We have tags that ensure the identification of your pet after cremation. This way, you can be sure that you will receive the proper remains no matter what cremation option you choose.

Special requests

We are also open for any special requests for the cremation process as well as the gathering and collection of cremains.


Cremation Options

We have three options for the cremation of your pet. You can choose among private cremation, individual cremation, or communal cremation.

Private Cremation

As the term implies, this is the most private option we have for your beloved pet where it will be placed in one cremation chamber. Through a private cremation, you and your family can witness the process in the cremation facility, but the chamber is covered in all corners.

Individual Cremation

With this option, each pet to be cremated will have an individual partition but they will be cremated in the same chamber. These partitions will ensure the proper identification of your furry friends. By choosing the individual cremation option, you’ll have to wait outside the cremation facility.

Joint Cremation

This last option is the most affordable. Your beloved pet will be cremated together with others without any partition. After that, they will all be buried in a communal ground.

With the cremains of your pets collected in an urn, you’ll have plenty of options to keep them. You can either keep them at home, incorporate cremains into pieces of jewelry, or resort to some other creative ways on how to scatter these cremains.

PGFuneral will be here to assist you even before you’ll need out pet cremation services. You may also want to check out other funeral package Singapore services that we are offering.