Sympathy wreaths and flowers are customary funeral decorations that have always been present in this type of occasion. They create a beautiful environment in an otherwise lonely venue and they are gestures of support for the bereaved family.

Where to Use Funeral Flowers

Funeral Home Public Viewing

As customary decorations in funeral homes and churches, flowers are arranged in standing sprays, bouquets, or in baskets. They are the main decorations to make a funeral venue more lively and beautiful for public viewing.

Funeral Services and Ceremonies

For some religions, flowers are a part of the funeral ceremony. But whether they have a religious significance in a funeral ceremony or not, flowers are always present as decorations and colorful additions to the venue.

Burial Site Decoration

Funeral flowers are also present, although in fewer numbers, in a burial site. They are usually arranged in standing sprays with sashes and placed on the sides for decorations. Some are arranged in baskets on top of the casket right before the burial proper.

Gifts for the Residence of the Bereaved Family

Funeral flowers serve not only as decorations in ceremony and burial sites. They can also be give directly too the bereaved family as an uplifting decoration inside their own house.


Popular Funeral Flowers and their Meanings

Tulips and Orchids

The bright and lively shades of tulips and orchids cover funeral homes and churches with an atmosphere of freshness and serenity. Their vibrant colors lends a spark of hope for the bereaved family. You can even send these flowers to the family residence for their own comfort.


Roses are a common choice for funeral gifts because of their fragrance and timeless beauty. White roses signify purity and revival for the soul of the departed while pink and fuchsia roses show love and support in these trying times. Yellow roses can also be given to


White and yellow lilies are almost automatic decorations in all types of funerals. They provide a calming ambience for funeral services and even burials. Lilies can be arranged in baskets, wreaths, and standing sprays.


Chrysanthemums are very fitting for funeral wreaths, flower baskets, and long upright sprays. They come in various colors and sizes and are very flexible for any type of arrangements. The mere appearance of chrysanthemums bring joy and calmness to a weary heart.

Why Choose Us for Sympathy Flowers?

As a dedicated funeral company operating for more than a decade, our staff here at PG Funeral are experienced in arranging all types of funeral flowers. We have decorated over a hundred funeral homes, venues, burial sites, and private residences, both indoors and outdoors, for funeral ceremonies. Our years of experience gave us the edge in terms of familiarity, efficiency, and accuracy. We’re proud to say that we don’t only offer off-the-shelf wreaths and funeral flowers. We also give you the chance to request for particular types of flowers and arrangements based on your preferences.


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