A funeral service is that last event after the life of someone where everyone who loves him will pay their last respects. It is a memorable and special occasion where people who genuinely care for the departed will gather to express their gratitude, their love, and appreciation of their loved one.

Being a very important event for the family, relatives, and friends of the departed, we, at PG Funeral services offer reasonably-priced packages that are complete with all the essentials for a beautiful funeral.

We are experienced in providing all types of funeral services for all faith. We even handle non-religious funerals for those families who choose to have a less formal, more contemporary ceremony.

Here at PG Funeral Services, we have a team of competent and experienced funeral consultants, managers, and staff who:

  • listen to client’s requests and sentiments.
  • put your priorities and preferences first
  • find ways on how to make your choices possible
  • explore procedures in order to make our delivery of services accurate based on your needs and desires.

As we listen to your concerns, we also provide you with suggestions on how to improve the vision you have for the ceremony. We understand that as you prepare for a funeral, you are also  undergoing an emotional challenge that is hard to juggle with the arrangements you need to make. That is why we offer packages that include all the essentials for a funeral service.


Buddhist Funeral Package

buddhist funeral services

Our complete Buddhist funeral services are aimed at giving your loved one a dignified sendoff so he can move on to his next life. This package includes all the essentials including casket setup, handling of the 49-day funeral celebration, food offering, and the cremation that follows after.

Our experienced funeral managers can provide a monk for the ceremony if you do not have your own preference.  We will take care of the chanting of the monk as well. All these are included in a reasonably-priced Buddhist funeral package that’s real value for money.

We also allow customization of the package based on your requirements.


Soka Funeral Package

Soka Funeral Services

We understand that this funeral is the moment for your loved one to attain enlightenment that he deserves according to his faith. Our skilled funeral director will handle everything you will need for the ceremony. We will even secure a Gakkai leader who will conduct the ceremony and lead the recital of the chanting and Sutra. Check out our complete Soka Funeral Package and its inclusions.


Christian Funeral Package

christian funeral

Having managed Christian funeral services for over two decades, our team of funeral consultants, managers, and staff are experienced in ensuring a smooth and well-coordinated funeral for a small, intimate or a huge crowd.

Our Christian Funeral Package includes open casket viewing, final commendation, and committal of your loved one to the Almighty.


Buddhist Funeral Package

PGFuneral has always dedicated itself to giving comfort and convenience to the bereaved family. We make all the arrangements necessary and provide all the necessities for a dignified Catholic funeral for your departed loved one.

From the moment you engage our services up to the last day of the burial or cremation, we make sure every detail is covered and very moment, smooth sailing. Check out the inclusions of our Catholic funeral package.

Taoist Funeral Package

Taoist Funeral

At PG Funeral, we know how to make your Taoist funeral ceremony serene and simplified. We cover all your needs, including the candles and incense burner, among all the other elements needed for your preferred ceremony.

We are experienced in making logistical arrangements to conduct a ceremony that will protect the body of the deceased and allow the family to give their final blessings to the departed. Check out the details of our Taoist Funeral Package.


Non-religious Funeral Package

For a more relaxed and a less ceremonial funeral, we are also offering non-religious funeral services that are highly customizable based on your preferences. We will cover the essentials in our Non-Religious Funeral Package and discuss with you your additional requirements.