Catholic Funeral Services

In Singapore, Catholic funerals are celebrated pretty much the same was as they are in other countries.

For Catholics, they believe that death marks the end of one’s physical life and the start of the eternal spiritual life of the deceased in heaven. Although marked with grief, they face a loved one’s death with high hopes that he or she will attain eternal joy with God in the afterlife.

PG Funeral service assists families of the deceased in giving a dignified Catholic funeral wake, ceremony, and burial to their departed loved one. We offer a Catholic Funeral Package that meets your needs and can even be customized according to your preferences.

Setting of the Catholic Funeral

A Catholic funeral is a solemn occasion for the family of the deceased where they pay their final respects and bid their goodbyes to the departed. Its focus is not only on grief but on the worship of God to whom the deceased is entrusted. The whole period of the occasion is divided into these main rites:

  • Psalms
  • Readings
  • Hymns

The official Requiem Mass lasts for three-and-a-half hours but it can be cut short upon the family’s request to the Catholic priest.

The Commendation

Following the Requiem Mass, the Commendation is done where a series of pardon and prayers will be recited over the body of the departed. This is usually done immediately before the burial. It’s a prayer of request to God not to let the departed suffer the purgatory.

Burial Ceremony

What marks the end of the funeral and burial rites is the burial ceremony that takes place at the cemetery. The burial lot and grave or the mausoleum will be blessed and incensed by the priest. The priest will say his final petition for the soul to rest in peace. This completes the whole funeral ceremony.

Why Choose Us To Arrange The Catholic Funeral Ceremony?

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