Buddhist Funeral Services

Buddhist Funeral rituals in Singapore are based around the belief in reincarnation.

For a Buddhist, death marks the beginning of a round of rebirth that is determined by both quantity and quality of karma accumulated during the lifetime of deceased.

For the family, the Buddhist funeral service provides a dignified sendoff to the deceased loved one and also help him to move on to his next life.

buddhist funeral services

Setting of the buddhist funeral

Many Buddhists believe that there are three intermediate states of the afterlife before the deceased person is reborn in another’s body. Following this belief, the Buddhist tradition calls the body to remain undisturbed 3.5 days before cremation and 4 hours after the death.

A simple and serene atmosphere is required to maintain during the ceremony for the sake of loved one.

  • Funeral Ceremony

As there are many branches of Buddhism, there isn’t one service that is common to all. The Buddhist funeral ceremony lasts for 49 days and to ensure that the right rituals are performed, the family’s Buddhist group should be consulted before any arrangement is made.

  • Burial or Cremation

Buddhists are traditionally cremated after the death by following the example of Buddha. A monk should also be ideally present during the cremation to lead to chanting.

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Our Buddhist Funeral Ceremony Package

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