The Advanced Funeral glanning services offered by PG Funeral is a worthy investment that every individual must secure in his lifetime. We understand that your departure here on earth is something that we often refuse to think about, more so plan for. But advanced planning could be the kindest gesture of love you can give to those who care for you, because it will spare them from the financial burden of preparing for your burial.

At PG Funeral Services, we offer advanced planning services that are complete with all the essential elements. They are also highly customizable according to your preferences. Here’s an overview of the inclusions for this type of service that we provide:

  • funeral ceremony and program
  • venue for the wake
  • cemetery lot
  • casket
  • repatriation
  • cremation
  • funeral decorations and elements
  • food offerings for the departed
  • monk / priest / officiator
  • food for the visitors
  • funeral flowers
  • hearse
  • transportation for the family
  • documentation assistance
  • other additional services by request

Advanced funeral planning is one of the key services that PG Funeral has been providing to clients for over twenty years. Since then and up to the present time, advanced funeral planning has been one of our plans that helped many individuals and families cope with the loss easier.

It is undeniably of great help to those whom the departed left at least in terms of finances. By taking advantage of advanced planning, your funeral and everything connected to this ceremony will be well-taken care of by the competent and experienced team of PG Funeral. Here are the reasons why getting an advanced funeral plan is beneficial for you and your family:

  • it will spare your loved ones from funeral expenses
  • your funeral expenses will be spread out to several years instead of a one-time payment
  • it will save your family from the complexities of making arrangements
  • they will have more space to grieve for your loss
  • it is an investment that will save you from future inflated funeral prices
  • you can make your own choice for your funeral

Retirees often take advantage of advanced funeral planning, but these days, more and more professionals are starting to make this investment. You just need to find a dependable company that offers competitively priced advanced planning services and you can start funding the same.

At PG Funeral Services, we make this investment customizable according to your budget. You can discuss your options with our trained and knowledgeable consultants who will explain everything to you in great detail. They will help you come up with a decision that suits your preferences if you find it hard to choose.

All the essentials for the ceremony, the whole wake, and even up to your burial or cremation will be provided for based on your plan. Your chosen ceremony will also be handled by competent funeral managers and staff from our team. With the complete package that we offer, your family and loved ones will have all the time they need for the bereavement, without having to make any arrangements concerning your funeral.