Our Mission


Our inspiration is:

  • Help people make thoughtful preparations in their time of need.
  • Create a peaceful environment where people can gather to honor the life of a loved one.
  • Offer the best, personalized and affordable funeral services in Singapore.
  • Retain longstanding customers and traditions.
  • Get reachable to a greater community.

Company Overview


We recognize that our success lies in dedication and professionalism. It runs on the values of kindness, compassion, and attention to details. You’ll find all these qualities to an irresistible level in every member of our staff.

Trust in us to make the funeral event most comfortable and as careful as possible.


PG funeral take pride in whatever we do to console the grieving family. We believe that everyone deserves a memorable send-off in the best way. Our funeral director is armed with an in-depth knowledge of religious and non-religious funeral practices. We believe that funeral is organized not merely to recognize the passing away of someone, but to celebrate the wonderful life of the deceased person.


Focused on the importance of dedication and personalization, our Funeral Services Singapore goes extra miles to lend a dignified departure to your loved ones. Our team consists of funeral professionals and licensed morticians who will guide you through all aspects of successful funeral services.


We believe in helping others in their tough times. So while you focus on grieving the loss of a precious family member or relative, we cover you with your needs and special requests.  Our team members are extremely proactive in their local communities. They are always ready to assist with local and national fundraising events and donating their quality time for good causes.

What our client says...